Neighborhood Watch Program Block Captain's Responsibilities

-Block Captains shall act as liaison between the law enforcement agency and their respective Neighborhood Watch group.

-Be responsible for organizing block meetings in their area; these meetings may be held in the Block Captain’s home or the home of any Watch member.

-Distribute information to the members in their neighborhood through flyers, bulletins, newsletters, newspapers, etc.

-Attend scheduled meetings between the law enforcement agency and Block Captains.

-Keep in contact, at reasonable intervals, with their Watch members so they are aware of any neighborhood problems (such as burglaries or drug information) and can alert other Watch members.

-Encourage neighborhood participation in the Program and solicit members to attend meetings. Be -sure to welcome new neighbors to the community and encourage their joining Neighborhood Watch.

-Have updated information and materials for members and new members.

-Report suspicious circumstances to police; monitor crime trends and problem areas in your neighborhood.

-Encourage neighbors to get to know one another and exchange information.

-Inform the crime prevention officer if your phone numbers change or you plan to move to another area.

-Inform neighbors of your responsibility as a Block Captain-WHAT A BLOCK CAPTAIN CAN AND CANNOT DO.

-Remember to encourage your people if they have an emergency to call 9-1-1.

-If they have information that would be helpful in the investigations of a crime such as thefts, or burglaries, they can call the Walton County Sheriff’s Office at 770-267-6557.

-If they wish to call pertaining to drug related issues and want to remain anonymous they can call the WALTON COUNTY NARCOTICS DIVISION at 770-266-1507, 770-266-1508, or 770-266-1599.

-Non-Emergency number to the 9-1-1 center is 770-464-0310.






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