Community Alert

Walton County Sheriff’s Office Community Alert

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office would like to advise its citizens that there have been a rash of vehicle break-ins. These unsavory individuals are targeting work trucks and unlocked vehicles parked in residential driveways and operate mainly during the overnight hours.

Please for the protection of your property, we at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office offer the following SEVEN STEP safety guidelines:

1. Lock your car doors and windows upon exiting your vehicle – EVEN IN YOUR DRIVEWAY

2. Do not leave valuables in your car – Especially items like Electronics, Credit Cards, Cash or Checkbooks.

3. Do not leave your car keys in your ignition.

4. Close your garage door at night.

5. Secure valuables, tools and equipment usually kept in your work-truck bed at night.

6. Leave a porch light on at night.

7. Always notify the Sheriff’s Office if you see anyone or anything suspicious in your neighborhood.

Any community leaders or citizens interested in implementing a neighborhood watch program please contact Captain Darren Vinson at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office at 770-266-1514.

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