Walton County Sheriff Office

Mission Statement:

To Provide an educational program to Georgia's youth that will offer guidance, the skills, ability and knowledge to be safe, healthy, and happy, in preparation for a successful life.

Helpful Parenting Tips:

Communicate openly with your child, and listen to what he or she has to say.

Have reasonable expectations for your children. Help them set reachable goals.

Ask questions and be prepared for the answers. Take his or her ideas, emotions, and feelings seriously.

Discuss problems without placing blame or commenting on a child's character.

Monitor Internet and phone usage. Know whom your child interacts with and their parents.

Be aware of your child's whereabouts and social involvements.

Set boundaries for your child. Give him or her specific responsibilities.

Be involved in your child's academic and athletic programs.

Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods Promoting Safety

What is CHAMPS?

The Georgia Sheriff's Association originated the CHAMPS Program in 2003. The program was designed to educate 5th grade students.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office teaches the program at elementary schools throughout the county: Sharon Elementary, Walnut Grove Elementary, Youth Elementary, Atha Road Elementary, Harmony Elementary, Monroe Elementary, Walker Park Elementary, Social Circle Elementary, Loganville Christian Academy, and George Walton Academy. There are about 1500 5th graders taught each year.

The CHAMPS curriculum has over twenty topics or lessons to choose from. Out of the twenty topics, instructors teach a six-week lesson plan, which may include topics such as Alcohol, Understanding and Avoiding Violent Behavior, Bullying, Tobacco, Marijuana, Gangs, Peer Pressure, Internet Safety, and Choices & Consequences.

At the conclusion of the six-week curriculum, a graduation is held at each school in celebration of each student's achievement.

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