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The Walton County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is a full service unit which investigates a wide spectrum of crimes occurring in Walton County. CID is comprised of detectives, a Lieutenant, and Captain. Each of the investigators has special training in a particular facet within the criminal investigation field. This training includes narcotics, child abuse, burglary, financial crimes, digital forensics, robbery and death investigation.

Three investigators are State certified crime scene technicians. These investigators have completed a battery of courses mandated by the state in order to achieve this certification. Advanced training is received each year in order to maintain this certification. The crime scene unit utilizes state of the art equipment in the processing of major crimes scenes and evidence examination within the lab.

One investigator holds the following certifications:

  • Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) certificate through the I.S.F.C.E. International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners. The I.S.F.C.E. is an internationally recognized organization that has certified over 1300 individuals across 28 countries. The CCE has become widely accepted as a prerequisite certification for forensic examiners, recognized by industry professionals and academic institutions alike.

  • Digital Forensics Certified Practitioner (DFCP)
    The Digital Forensics Certification Board was started in 2004 by the National Institute of Justice Cooperative Agreement (1998-IJ-CX-K003).  The board provides knowledge-based support from government agencies, the private sector, and academia.

The Criminal Investigation Division has a close working relationship with other Federal, State and local agencies, including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. CID also provides resources and shares intelligence with the Loganville and Monroe police departments which are located within the Sheriff’s Jurisdiction.

The Sheriff’s Drug Task Force operates under the umbrella of the Criminal Investigation Division. The Drug Task Force investigators concentrate on narcotics enforcement. These investigators use both covert and overt methods of investigation to identify, target and remove narcotics violators from the community. You can submit narcotics information anonymously directly to the Sheriff’s Drug Task Force. Information gathered is kept confidential.

  Captain Henry Huff 770-266-1518  

Hilary Crowe

  Lieutenant McLeroy 770-266-1561 E-Mail
  Sergeant R. Parker   770-267-1435

  Sergeant M. Garrett 770-266-1511

  Detective A. Smallman  770-266-1536

  Detective D. Briscoe  770-266-1592

  Detective B. McGee  770-266-1519

  Detective D. Dennington 770-266-1599

  Detective Gary Simmons 770-266-1542

  Detective Sam Duff 770-266-1698

  Gary Couch 770-266-1571
  Sergeant S. Astin 770-266-1598
  Sarah House 770-266-1580
  Michael Brooks 770-266-1525
  Detective G.P. Daniel, MSDF, CCE, DFCP 770-266-1597     E-mail
  Captain N. Stone 770-267-1314
  Sergeant Barrett 770-266-1570
  Julie Silva 770-266-1527
  Karen Sims 770-266-1565

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