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School Resource Officers (S.R.O)
Walton County Explorer Program
The Neighborhood Watch Program
Alcohol Drug Awareness Program (A.D.A.P)
Drivers Education
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Captain Darren Vinson





The Youth Investigations Division is responsible for follow-up and in-depth investigation of juvenile criminal activity. Cases are assigned to this division to prepare them for juvenile court. This includes everything but is not limited to interviews, gathering evidence, and finding runaways.

School Resource Officers (S.R.O)

-The Walton County Sheriff’s Office has assigned deputies (S.R.O’s) to middle schools within the county. (The city police are assigned to the inner city schools.)
*The Walton County Sheriff’s Office recognizes the potential outstanding benefits of the School Resource Officer Program. The program benefits the citizens of Walton County and particularly the faculty and students of the school system. Deputies responsibilities include but are not limited to: Providing the school with a safe learning environment, teaching classes about Georgia Law, being a positive role model for students, staff and the community. The School Resource Officer’s are also responsible for morning and afternoon school traffic.

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Walton County Explorer Program

-The Explorer Program is sponsored by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office through the Boy Scouts of America. This program is open to young people between the ages of 14 and 20.
*The overall meaning of the Explorer Program is for the members to learn about the field of law enforcement and what career opportunities there are available. They meet twice a month to practice and train, which allows them to compete in law enforcement competitions throughout the year.
Contact number: Laquita A. Smith - 770-266-1515

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The Neighborhood Watch Program

-The Walton County Sheriff’s Office provides the citizens of Walton County with a way to help protect their neighborhoods by setting up a neighborhood watch program in subdivisions throughout the county. The Sheriff’s Office also provides neighborhood watch signs to place throughout the neighborhood.
*The Walton County Sheriff’s Office encourages you to make your subdivision a quality community by setting up a neighborhood watch program. As a neighborhood watch certified community, signs will be posted at every entrance, warning potential violators that they are likely being watched, and that crime does not pay.

Neighborhood Watch Program Block Captain's Responsibilities

Neighborhood Watch Members

Contact Information: Captain Darren Vinson
770-266-1515 or 770-266-1514

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Alcohol Drug Awareness Program (A.D.A.P)

-The Walton County Sheriff’s Office teaches this mandate program for drivers under the age of 18. The law requires them to take and pass the class before receiving a class D driver’s license.
* A.D.A.P classes are located at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office scheduled on the following dates:

Only the first 25 pre-registered students will be accepted.

 Walton County Sheriff’s Office

Saturday October 5, 2013
8:45am – 1:00pm
*Attendees must now pre-register for each location before attending the class
 Only the first 25 pre-registered students will be accepted.
*Contact Information:
Laquita Smith - 770-266-1515
Captain Darren Vinson - 770-266-1514
Drivers Education
Drivers Education can be taken either online, at a private company, or at a school. Please follow the information below to learn more:

Go to

At the top of the page, click on Drivers Info. >Driver Education > Certified Driver Education Schools

or click here

Based on where and how you would like to take the course, choose either Private Company, Virtual (Online), School (High School or College), etc.

A list of options will be provided to you.

If you have any questions about finding a Driver’s Education location, please call Laquita Smith at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office: 770-266-1515.

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Personnel Information:
Captain Darren Vinson 770-266-1514

Lieutenant Charlie Rodriguez


Sergeant James Vaughn         

770 266-1508
Corporal Mark Clinton 770 266-1508

Laquita Smith                    


Deputy Bobby Galicia  


Deputy James Stephens


Deputy Kevin Wooldridge   



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