Adoption Fee $50

Animal Reclaim Fees

1st impound$100
2nd impound$150
3rd impound$250
4th impound$400
5th impound$600
6th impound$1,000
After-hours impound fee$50

Boarding Fee

A fee of $10/day will be added to the impound fee shown above. 

Spay/Neuter Discount

A $50 discount is applied toward the impound fee shown above of any animal already spayed/neutered.

After  Hours Notice

An after-hours fee of $50 is added to the impound fees shown above for all animals picked up by the on-call officers on holidays, weekends and after hours

Rabies Vaccine Voucher

A charge of $15 is added to the reclaim fees shown above for any animal without proof of a current rabies vaccination. A voucher for $15 toward a rabies vaccine at a veterinary hospital will be issued to the owner.

Rabies Quarantine $200

Euthanasia Fee $50

Classified Dog Annual Fees

Dangerous Dogs $600

Vicous Dogs $1200