Stormwater Department

In order to meet the requirements of the NPDES Permit issued to us. Walton County has developed and implemented a Stormwater Management Program that consist of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect our local waterways. BMP’s have been implement by Walton County to address the following areas:

Public Education and Outreach, Public Involvement and Participation, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, Construction Site Runoff Control, Post Construction Stormwater Management and Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping.

Caption: Report any washouts to the Stormwater Department using the online form or call (770)  266-1796.

Reporting an Issue

Use the Water Quality and Erosion and Sediment Control Complaint Form to report any complaints or issues you may be having.

Stormwater Map

The Walton County Stormwater Department has created and maintains a map of all MS4 features in unincorporated Walton County using GPS to record points in a Geographic Information System. The map is used to help locate structures for inspections and maintenance. 

Some of the BMP’S that we perform are:

  • Inspect 20% of detention ponds a year from our inventory
  • Investigate and resolve all illicit discharge complaints report
  • Maintain all county owned detention facilities
  • Screen 20% of outfalls annually for pollutants
  • Inspect 20% of stormwater structures annually and maintain all stormwater structures on County right of way
  • Train employees on good practices related to pollutants

Not Supporting Streams

Five streams in the urbanized area of unincorporated Walton County are currently listed as not supporting. We are actively trying to identify and eliminate the sources leading to the impairment of these streams.

The impaired waters are the following along with the impairment:

  • Big Flat Creek from Loganville City Limits to Youth Monroe Rd: Fecal Coliform and PH
  • Little Haynes Creek from Loganville City Limits to Centerhill Church Road: Fecal Coliform
  • Tributary to Little Haynes Creek from headwaters to Chandler Haulk Road: Bio F Impacted fish community
  • Alcovy River from County Line to Bullock Bridge Rd: Fecal Coliform and PH
  • Apalachee River from County Line to Tanners Bridge Rd: Fecal Coliform

Please contact the Walton County Stormwater Department if you identify any source leading to the impairment of these streams. Visit the Environmental Protection Division for more information.

Illicit Discharge

Illicit discharges are anything going into Walton County's Storm drain system that is not comprised of only stormwater. 

Some examples of an illicit discharges are sewage or septic, used motor oil, or sediment going into a storm drain or stream. We encourage the citizens of Walton County to report anything that they suspect of being an illicit discharge to the Walton County Stormwater Department for further investigation.

The Stormwater department conducts monitoring on the following sections of waterways in Walton County:

  • Alcovy River
  • Apalachee River
  • Big Flat Creek
  • Little Haynes Creek
  • Tributary of Little Haynes Creek


Please pick up your pet waste to help protect our local waterways