Walton County Fire Department formed as a department in 1986, in order to provide fire protection to the unincorporated areas in Walton County. 

Area of Service

Prior to formation, fire services were contracted and provided by the Cities of Monroe, Loganville, Social Circle, Walnut Grove and Jersey. Volunteer fire stations were constructed and organized in the communities of Bold Springs, Gratis, Good Hope, Whatley, Dally, and Youth. Through the 1990’s and 2000’s, additional stations were constructed in various areas of Walton County. 

The department provides assistance to the citizens of Walton County through Emergency Medical Care, Auto Extrication, and Hazardous Material response, just to name a few. 


Currently there are 11 stations servicing the approximately 300 square miles in the unincorporated areas of Walton County. The 2 newest stations are located at Jacks Creek Road station 19 and Highway 81 station 3. Station 3 replaces old station 12 and old station 3. In 2006 the Department name was changed to Walton County Fire Rescue, due to the increasing demands for services other than just fire responses. 


As a combination paid and volunteer department, Walton County Fire Rescue currently employs: 

  • 40 volunteer firefighters
  • 54 career fire and support staff
  • 62 part - time personnel

Response & Rating

In 2016, the department responded to 4,521 incidents. Walton County’s current I.S.O. rating is a Class 4 and 4x. Auto and mutual aid agreements are in place between the County and Cities located within.