Litter is misplaced, abandoned or discarded waste.


What happens to our Plastic Bags once they have been discarded?
Watch this slideshow, and know that plastic items, when left in the environment, will turn into deadly toxic chemicals. Yet Another Fact Based Plastic Bottle Disaster Presentation

You Can Be a Part of the Solutions

Drink from and reuse glass bottles
Use canvas bags for all of your shopping adventures!

Walton County Litter Ordinance  (PDF)

Litter Project Information 

For more information on how to get involved with litter projects for Walton County, give Keep Walton Beautiful and Recycling a call at 770-267-1421, ext. 5.

For information on the costs of littering, visit the cost of littering.

Bird skeleton filled with trash

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Warning, this is not for squeamish citizens! Captain Charles Moore on the Seas of Plastic

Fish, birds and other wildlife feed on garbage in the waterways and oceans thinking it is their healthy nutritional diet.

Therefore, when these fish, birds and wildlife are eaten by humans, we will absorb whatever poisons or toxins fish, birds and wildlife has consumed.

Think before you litter. Discover Magazine The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Boy Scout Troop 525 sign

Did You Know...

  • That anything buried in a landfill never decomposes? That's because it is not exposed to the elements.
  • That it is against the law to litter, including food waste?
  • That there are two huge recycling industries located in Georgia for paper and plastic?
  • That when litter clogs our storm drains, it can cause our streets to flood?
  • That you are littering if an object blows out of or falls off of your vehicle?

Take Pride in Your Community

Be respectful towards roadways leading to your neighborhood.
Keep a small litter bag in your vehicle to store trash until you get to a trash can or recycling container.
Litter can be prevented by education and modifying habits.
According to Keep American Beautiful, Inc., (KAB) there are seven sources of litter:

  • Construction and demolition sites
  • Improper containerized commercial refuse
  • Improper containerized household refuse
  • Loading and unloading dock areas
  • Motorists and Boaters
  • Pedestrians
  • Uncovered vehicles hauling debris

Adopt a Road

If you're interested please download an application (PDF).