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Recycling Winner

Recycling School Year was Great!
Recycling isn’t just about daily newspapers anymore!
Congratulations to Loganville High School and Social Circle Elementary School for collecting the most recycling paper in their divisions in Walton County. Way to go, students!

Photo Gallery

View photos of the Student Education Program 2019

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch from the air

Educational resources:

Recycling Resources for Students

Environmental Protection Agency Logo

Deepest Oceans and Seas Chart (PDF)

Deepest Oceans and Seas chart

Adopt a Stream

For Adopt A Road Project contact Kenny Sargent.
(your group must be at least 12 years old to participate)

Water Sense

How much do you know about water?

  • Check out this awesome site about water!
  • How much water do you use at home? What are some of the physical and chemical properties of water? Where does water come from?  Where does water go? Water Pledge (PDF)
  • Water Sense


Recycled Earth Name

What's in a Name Game. Just for fun.
Look up your Recycled Earth Name!
Recycled Earth Name Game (PDF) 

Spring & Summer Flowers Word Search

Tree Word Search

Wildlife Land Animals Word Search

Surface Tension Penny Experiment

This is a fun experiment (PDF) that defines surface tension, adhesion, cohesion and water molecules.

Water Q&A

Chemistry and water:

  • How does our swimming pool stay so clean?
  • Why are some lakes I see full of algae and thick plants?
  • Why does it take so long to rinse the soap off my hands?
  • Why does my drinking water look cloudy sometimes?
  • Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?
  • Why is our porcelain sink stained brown?

All of these questions and more can be answered by the USGS Water Science School.