Juvenile Court

Message from Judge Rhymer

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the resource and information center of the Juvenile Court of Walton County. Here you will find information about the Court as it relates to its jurisdiction and function. 

My hope is that the information provided on this website will assist you in finding positive solutions to your family and youth issues. Please remember that this information is not exhaustive.

Judge J. Stanley Rhymer

Additional  Resources

For information about where to get answers or help to common problems involving children please check out The Red Book (PDF).

View information on the State of Georgia Crime Victim's Bill of Rights and the rights and procedures of victims under Chapter 17 of Title 17 of the Official Code of the State of Georgia.

For a list of the available community based victim service programs please visit the Victim Resource and Referral Guide.

Court Staff Directory

Staff Member
Position Office Phone Number
Mike Baldwin Truancy Officer / Investigator Delinquent / CHINS / Traffic 770-266-1797
Debbie Spell Intake Officer / Probation Officer Delinquent / CHINS / Traffic 770-266-1741
Jeff Carr Intake Administrator Delinquent / CHINS / Traffic 770-266-1707
Jason Fox Intake Officer / Probation Officer Delinquent / CHINS / Traffic 770-266-1711
Kim Banks Assistant Clerk Custody / Dependency 770-266-1708
Pam Mitchell Shumake Clerk of Court Custody / Dependency
Michele Nash Intake Officer / Community Supervisor Delinquent / CHINS / Traffic 770-266-1710
Helen Parker Intake Clerk Delinquent / CHINS / Traffic 770-266-1709
Jan Rowe Intake Clerk Delinquent / CHINS / Traffic 770-266-1713
Wanda Swords Deputy Clerk Receptionist 770-266-1712