Civil Cases

Responsibilities & Online Access

The Magistrate Court is responsible for the filing of civil actions.

The Magistrate Court is now providing online access to civil cases through the Walton Magistrate website. This will allow for viewing of the actual documents filed in with the Court, including, case filings, service of summons and answers. Please access this website for information that may assist you in your case.

This court also handles: 

  • Abandoned Motor Vehicle Actions
  • FiFa's
  • Garnishments
  • Interrogatories
  • Personal Property Foreclosure
  • Traverse actions


Disregard any notations involving (MAG-) in FAQs. Those references are for input purposes only. Information contained in FAQs are based upon Georgia Law and Statute and Procedure for the Magistrate Court. 

Civil Case Descriptions

Small Claims
Claims filed with monetary limit of $15,000
Dispossessory Actions
Actions filed by a landlord to collect unpaid rent and / or possession of property
Hearings scheduled for small claims and dispossessory actions.