Start New Service


To establish new service with Walton County Water Department, the following information is required:

1.    Proof of Ownership

  •  If purchasing - Signed Closing Disclosure, Settlement Statement, or Deed from your closing. The document must have the actual physical address.
  • If renting – Signed rental or lease agreement.

2.    New Service Application

  • The New Service Application is available to download from our website or can be completed in person at the Walton County Water Department office.

3.    Picture Identification

  • Valid driver’s license, Passport, Government-issued photo ID, etc.

Cost to Open New Account

  • Application fee:
    • Individual - $5
    • Business - $25
  • Deposit (based on soft credit check with Experian):
    • If required:  $100 or $250

Documentation can be emailed to, faxed to 770-466-6129, or brought in person to the Walton County Water Department.